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Lyme Regis, Then and Now

21 Oct

100 words for Friday Fictioneers based on the photo prompt below.


Loch ness2_edited-1

(Copyright The Reclining Gentleman)


“Sooty-winged tern.”


“Common shelduck.”


“Stop that, Mary. None of those creatures are out there.” said Mary’s birding partner, Shannon, from behind her binoculars.

“It’s not what you look at,” Mary replied quietly. “It’s what you see.”

“Leave Thoreau out of this.”

“I can’t help it, Shannon. In the Jurassic period the ancestors of today’s birds ruled these wetlands.”

“When was the Jurassic?”

“Long ago, Shannon. In deep time.”


In the distance, curtains of mist parted. Something rose silently from the water.


“What on earth?”

“Plesiosaurus marcrocephalus.”





(Research for this week led me to the story of Mary Anning, whose spirit moved through my character, Mary, and breathed life into my tale. She was a fascinating woman who should be remembered for all that she endured thoughout her life and for her contributions to our present day window on Deep Time.)