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Collateral Damage

4 Oct

100 words about the ghosts of war. They are all around us. 

The story is for Friday Fictioneers and is inspired by the photograph below supplied by Raina Ng. Please check out a few,or all, of the stories produced by a wide variety of writers from around the world. You may even find yourself saying, “Hey, I can do that.” (John Bigbooty, this is your moment.)

 (Author’s note: Chất độc da cam is Agent Orange, a defoliant whose use in the Vietnam war scarred two countries and kills and maims to this day.)

Hien Giang rises the hour before dawn. Soon the rich aroma of Pho Ga and fresh Bánh Mì fills the kitchen with Ai’ Long’s presence. They met during the struggle, she a nurse and he a cook in the vast tunnel complex of Cu Chi.

After reunification, two stillborn children emptied her of tears and their house of laughter. She died of cancer a year later.

Chất độc da cam destroyed his life long before he ever asked Ai’ Long to marry him.

In a darkness no flashlight can pierce, Hien Giang sits alone and breaks bread with his family.