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Tears in Rain

15 Mar

100 words for Friday Fictioneers, a mixed bag of writers who each week produce flash fiction based on a photo prompt. This week’s picture was graciously provided by Lora Mitchell. (Get well, my friend. We miss you.) All the stories are here. Check them out. Usually some diamonds in the rough.

I don’t offer this story lightly. Someone near to me is on her 11th day of fasting, waiting to move on. The time comes for all of us. I hope I can go with such grace when my clock winds down.

Aloha, D.


Tears in Rain


Ten days ago I stopped eating. This rest home’s food wasn’t bad; just comes a time when you no longer need it.

Woke this morning to lilies in front of the TV at the foot of the bed. On the screen a cityscape at night, the word SET prominent on the image.

Egyptian god of chaos’ name inadvertently displayed on our civilization’s graven idol, offset by a popular symbol of resurrection.

People mean well, but they’re so often blind.

I smile and remember Roy Batty’s soliloquy. “I’ve seen things….”

Gratitude fills me, for so have I.


Time to die.




(Well, you’ll either know who Roy Batty was or you won’t. For those who are curious here are two links to steer you in the right direction. Don’t click on these if you’re rushed. They’re not vital. Just trying to save you some searching.)