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The Nerve

4 May

I was out on the lawn minding my own business when a couple dozen words fell out of the sky and landed on my 100 word story for Madison Woods’ FridayFictioneers. (Her story is here. Please comment and leave a link for your story. And remember that our ranks are growing so it’ll take time to get to all of them. [Patience is a virtue few have and even fewer learn. I read that somewhere.])(My apologies to those I didn’t get to last week. I really am trying.) I decided to use the windfall in this week’s submission and my publicist, Glenda, agreed. So here it is, based on the picture below, extra words and all. Hope you like it. Aloha, D.

P.S. This story is partly for Russell G. Enjoy.

The funnel cloud writhed, sinuous and silent above rich Illinois farmland. Huge tree limbs and debris suspended aloft circled the great grey gyre that bent all to its will.

“If you’re going to stay up here, say hello to the Wizard for me,” screamed my wife as she disappeared down the cellar stairs. She was a miserable shrew and a total control freak who, over the years, had become oil to my water.

“Courage,” I heard Bert Lahr intone.

A quarter mile away the maelstrom’s tip lowered and I saw a blue flash as the Baum’s power line snapped just before their house was blown to splinters and the roar of a thousand locomotives filled the air.

My last thought before everything went dark was that, like it or not, the witch was finally going to have to get some new wallpaper for the living room.