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The End of Something*

20 Sep

Fifty-two year removed and *Papa H. still holds court in his old haunts. My hat’s off to him.

This 100 word story for Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers is inspired by Lora Mitchell’s photograph. All of this week’s stories are here. Check them out, especially Rich, JK Bradley, Boomiebol, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and Russell Gayer.

I made it to all 65+ stories linked last week and will do it again this week, but not until Monday night as I am going to the far off island of Maui to contest the Hawaii State Disc Golf Championship at teh fabled Poli Poli disc golf course and will be semi out of touch for the weekend. Posting early to clear the decks for action. Aloha. D.

“What do you think?” my date asked about the incongruous statue we’d found quayside on our after dinner walk.

“Waste of good marble.”

“I’m serious. What does it say to you?”

“It says to me that we can all have an off day.”

“It’s art,” she retorted, a querulous pardon for the sculptor’s sin of commission. “It’s beautiful.”

Eye of the beholder? I considered and decided that, like the statue, she and I were never going to get off the ground. I took her home, then went alone to Bodeguita del Medio to console my inner critic with a cold Mojito.