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South by Southwest

16 Sep


100 words for Friday Fictioneers based on the photo prompt below courtesy of David Stewart.

South by Southwest

(Copyright David Stewart)


The gate swings slowly shut. I look back a final time and see in places my handiwork, all that remains of a quarter century of love, surrendered to weeds.

What did I give? How hard did I strive? Where is my love buried?

Only I will ever know.

Call on God, it is said, but row away from the rocks.

I place a note between the gate and jamb for friends who might wish to find me. In time, it, too, will fall and fade, but such is the way of the world. Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat.

And I row.







Croatan Summer

10 Aug

100 words for Madison Woods and the gang at FridayFictioneers. Thank you to Susan Wenzel for the fine picture. (Looking forward to reading what it conjures up.)

My apologies to all who kindly commented last week and then waited in vain for a reply. Grandkids are in town, (true), my dog ate it (Not), I was watching the Olympics (Badminton!), and I was just plain overwhelmed (true). I will do better this week. Aloha, D.

At seventeen Lori was long, lean and ready and I was rock hard and had a motorcycle. What more was there at that age? One evening her whispered request sent us racing heat lightning to the beach near Kill Devil Hills where we made love for the first time, insistent as the pounding surf.

Lori and I lit up that summer with lightning of our own, then drifted apart. Many years have passed but whenever I taste the salt tang of the sea, time fades and I am young again, on the verge of flight, the whole world my oyster.