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Dream of the Dragonfly

26 Feb

A hundred words for Friday Fictioneers inspired by the photo prompt below.


(Copyright Dawn Landau)

The air above the railbed was still and warm, redolent with creosote and the scent of honeysuckle that grew in wild abandon along the embankments.

Behind him, where his past still lived, burnished steel rails vanished below a thunderhead through which lightning forged erratic pathways, sudden and silent. Ahead of him the rails stretched toward the future and merged with a quicksilver horizon beneath the wide blue sky.

Does the Universe want us happy, he wondered?

A rainbow-hued dragonfly hovered on filigreed wings beside him, then whispered down the tracks in answer, away from the storm and into the light.

(to edit)blue dragonfly

A Young Author’s Letter, or Positive Input for the Flight Crew

31 Jul

100 words for Friday Fictioneers, a hangar full of writers, each with a wrench in one hand and instructions from their muse in the other. The maintenance crew chief for the gang is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, whose photograph also serves as the inspiration for the stories. You will find them lined up and ready for takeoff here.

Yes, this is a true story. Would I lie? (My thanks to Nicola, wherever she’s writing now.)


Nicola's letter picture

(Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields)

“May I borrow a piece of paper and a pen?” asks the little girl seated next to me.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Nicola, sir.”

I dig into my briefcase.

“What are you going to do with them?”

“Write a letter to the captain.”

“She writes every chance she gets,” explains her mother from the aisle seat. “Says she wants to be a novelist when she grows up.”

Much later, courtesy of the internet and a pilot with a sense of humor who followed instructions, I got to read the letter.


Nicola nailed it.



Nicola's letter