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Nurture or Nature

6 Jul

Friday again. FridayFictioneers are on the loose here. My 100 word (ish) story, Nurture or Nature is below the accompanying photo prompt from Amanda Gray. (Thanks, Amanda. Soft pastel dawn? Or sunset? Either way it’s beautiful.)

     “Something to drink?”

“How do you stand it out here, dad?”

When Charles started college I’d filed for divorce, signed everything away and moved to the desert in three wonderful, liberating weeks. An only child and a mama’s boy, his visits were, though he hadn’t figured it out yet, mostly at his mother’s behest, a proxy thumb of sorts. She’d never forgiven me for getting out from under hers.

“This place has its advantages, son,” I replied.

“Name one.”

“Your mom won’t visit.”

Charles reflected on this and finally smiled.

“Got any beer?”

He was going to be okay.

“Coming right up.”