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Way Out

6 May


May 6,  2020

Day 46

Lot18 from totokoroa

Can you see it? The tiny patch of light green tucked into the hillside in the middle left? The picture was taken by a dear friend servicing one of the trap lines that crisscross the estate. For just a moment the trail opens up near the summit of Totokoroa, the hill we own a quarter of, and she can look down on us as our day, and hers, unfolds. This is where we live, in a tiny bubble of love floating in a sea of green on an isolated peninsula of an island nation far out to sea in the southern Pacific Ocean.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.29.48 PM

(We’re in the middle of the swathe of deep green near the centre of the peninsula jutting north [to the right] at the bottom right hand corner of this picture of New Zealand’s North Island.)

From a small antenna on our roof we receive radio waves from the rural broadband system and when I hit send on this post, a signal will be broadcast in packets of discrete ones and zeroes and my thoughts and these pictures will enter the ether and digital eternity. I know that’s an oxymoron of sorts, but it will do for now to describe the way we communicate with the outside world. The phone is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) one that mimics all of the features of a normal land line except that the internet needs to be up and the power on in order for it to work. Cell phone signal is intermittent so we don’t have one and don’t need it or miss it. Mail is delivered to a box just inside the big iron gates at the entrance to the estate a couple of kilometres to the left of the left hand border of the first picture.

The camera is facing east, down toward Whitianga and the Pacific and the endless blue miles of Oblivion’s Sea. Of the compound there is not much visible. If you enlarge the photo the pixels will get larger but the image will become confused. The white structure is the former kitchen storage container. The main house sits behind the lone tree rising from the centre of the green clearing of our front yard. Nothing else can be seen and in time, with the help of some black paint, even the slab side of the shipping container will be camouflaged and disappear into the hillside. We are one with the forest and becoming more so with each passing day. It’s a good place to ride out a storm.

Today’s weather report says the following…


2 New cases. 14 Recovered cases. Ratio of recovered cases to actual cases is 88%. Zero Zeroes today and another death, bringing this nation’s total to 21. Such a small number compared to our population and to the number of deaths from Covid-19 in the rest of the world, but it matters. It mattered to the person who died, it matters still to their family and ultimately, it matters to the family of man.


AIhopeyou are well


The View from Deep Time

A small postscript, if you will, to put things in a wider perspective. It is easy, and entirely understandable and human to be concerned about Covid-19 and its impact on our daily lives but whenever I see the diagram below I am comforted to know that the world’s going to be fine and that I’ve got time to get it right farther on down the line.




I’ll look for you there.


Stay safe and remember…