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Cecilia’s March

1 May


May 1,  2020

Day 41




I went to town again today to pick up a prescription, mail a package and top up the larder. 154 turns on the dodgy road in a caravan behind two other cars all the way down. Whitianga is looking more active but no one knows quite what to do yet. Lots of businesses are trying to figure out how people can shop by standing at the front door and speaking to salespersons inside. Others are simply going to wait for Level 2 to come along before they can open, which is what a lady told me at the door of the stationery store where the post office is located. Package not mailed, check. Off to the the grocery store where there were more people than during Level 4 but fewer paying attention to social distancing. I was the only person with a mask and had to work very hard to get through my list without running into other customers.

I sound like a broken record, but after a month of hard work at Level 4 and good results to show for it, the way people are acting at Level 3 is breaking my heart.




Upon returning home to check the figures for the day I see the behaviour I observed appears to be a nationwide trend. The news is full of stories about push-back at the excesses some feel they had to endure under Level 4. It’s as though many people think things would have turned out just the same had there been no lockdown and now they’re all rebelling at the idea of continued vigilance.




These people don’t seem to get that the quickest way to lose your laurels is to rest on them. They are shaking my confidence daily. We did not get to the numbers below for no reason.



3 New cases. 11 Recovered cases. Ratio of recovered cases to active cases is holding at 84%. Two Zeroes on the board. 227 still under the gun.




With the advent of Level 3, lockdown’s covidiots are being reinforced by thousands of knuckle-headed Cecilia’s who just want it to be over. They march aimlessly in different directions, together in the dark in a room full of gasoline, each holding a lighted match so they’ll be able to see victory if it shows up.




I wonder whether we’ll make it to level 2…