16 May

Could not have said it better myself.

Miss Independent

Sometimes, things happen that make you realize that your problems, while large in your life, are truly very small.

Yesterday, I wrote about being worried about a court date.

Yesterday, after I wrote that post, my co-worker stopped by my window.  I asked him how he was.  He says, “Not good….

I just found out a friend of mine in Afghanistan was hit by an IED and lost both of his legs.”

Talk about a moment where all of your problems seem very small.

What a harsh reminder that my life is so very small in this world.  What a harsh reminder that there are still people that are willing to risk everything in a country so far from home.

Whether or not you agree with the war in Afghanistan, if you think we should be there or not, the fact is that there are young men and women dying…

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